Family Christmas Series

Launch Video: coming soon! 

Pastor Eric will describe the series and how to use it at home. 

Week 1: coming Nov. 29

Week 2: coming Dec. 6

Week 3: coming Dec. 13

Week 4: coming Dec. 20


For the 2020, COVID-era Christmas, we thought your family might want something a little different from us. Knowing that we're more spread out, and gathering less frequently and for fewer events, we're offering something new to your family. 

Your home is always the headquarters for the discipleship of your family, and we sense that truth now more than ever. So we're creating a four-part Christmas series. In each of the four weeks before Christmas, we'll publish activities to guide you through biblical teaching with video, discussion, and family adventures. 


Advent Wreath

*OPTIONAL SUGGESTION: In this series, we will reference the use of an "Advent Wreath" (pictured here) every week. This is usually a tabletop ornament with four candles that is used to symbolize the four Christmas themes we will discuss. We do not provide Advent Wreaths, so you might consider buying one soon, and a set of candles, so you can be ready to light a candle at the beginning of each week of the Family Christmas Series.